Weye - CasterlyROCK! (2014)


After a long time, the band Weye releases a new album.
They are the band that has as the main influence to band Piglet, so they did a song in tribute to them (We Miss You, Piglet (song 11)).

Anyway, the new album is much more progressive and more powerful compared to the first, but the math rock polyrhythms and guitar tappings still very present.

Recommended for every fan of the best instrumental math rock.



Holy moly cow!
Thanks for all the supports dudes :)

I never thought the blog would grow so much

New Little League Records Release - Hunter Ellis!

New release from Little League Records (Vasudeva, Invalids, The Otter Years & More!) from Los Angeles based musician Hunter Ellis! 

Available for free or on multi-coloured cassette tape here:https://littleleaguerecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-healing-power-of-laughter

Press Release: 

"Musicianship is in no shortage when it comes to Hunter Ellis. Blending jazz themes, progressive rock song structures, folk instrumentation, and an ear for melody, Ellis’ LLR debut is full of surprises. From funky riffs to subtle chord progressions, from chilling guitar/strings duets to a full-band Aphex Twin cover, Ellis relentlessly carves out new sonic landscapes. 

The Healing Power of Laughter is a can’t-miss release for anyone who expects more from their music, and is available on limited edition cassette exclusively from Little League Records!”

ooohhhooohhh asked
Hey, I just found your blog while I'm on the search for some of the Edmund Fitzgerald material, I see that you have a link to download it in your post about it but it's dead because it's from ages ago and I seriosuly have been looking for it all over, do you have still some of that material and if that's the case, could you share it?? thanks!


Hey man, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now. Love it, you always make my boring days less mundane with the new music you post! I’ve always been a musician, but in the past few years I have really been getting into looping. Growing up as a drummer, I approach the guitar and other instruments with a percussive mind-set. I’ve been recording a bunch of my solo music for about 2 years now and here is my bandcamp page. I go by the name Subtleties. I post all the songs that I enjoy listening to on here, and the majority of them were made within a day or less. Check out a couple of my newer tracks if you’re interested, and let me know what you think man! Hopefully you like it enough to blog it, but either way some feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time and keep up the excellent blogging!

-Stephen Kemp


Thanks for the kind words dude :)
Well, you hear that guy. Listen to these awesome songs

Uchu Conbini - Everything Changes

New song from new mini-album which will be released in 6th august.
Also, in 2:15 is the sweetest tapping guitar I have heard.

Anonymous asked
what are some good bands similar to TTNG?

For sure anon.
Check these bands: Colour, Pennines (former band's of new TTNG vocalist), Tangled Hair, Tubelord, The Speed of Sound in Seawater, Tera Melos.

Kansas City instrumental group JORGE ARANA TRIO put out a new ep ‘OSO’ 7/22/14.  Released on purple and black vinyl from Haymaker Recordshttp://jorgearanatrio.bandcamp.com/album/oso

Kansas City instrumental group JORGE ARANA TRIO put out a new ep ‘OSO’ 7/22/14.  Released on purple and black vinyl from Haymaker Records