Shellac - Dude Incredible (2014)

, simply beautiful.

Shellac even after all these years still with the same energy that this new album is very much like his masterpiece debut At Action Park.
Raw sound, noisy, angular riffs, humour lyrics, powerful and complex melodies, which doesn’t follow a rhythm. They do their own rhythm. It’s a punch in your face.

So, no more talk and just hear this awesome album.


Anonymous asked
The link for the 22 - Flux album seems to be wrong ;D

Thanks anon. Should be alright now :)

Buckethead - Celery

I know Buckethead is not part of the style that presents my blog, but he worth this exception. This year alone, the strange electronic guitarist wizard released 32 albums. That’s right, 32 albums. And all different from one another, covering various styles, from the most calm and light melodies to heavier riffs and solos at the speed of light. It has to record all types of flavors, but this has highlighted before others.

Only one song, 29 minutes of pure creativity and skill. Changes in melodies, the guitar riffs, scales, tones, rhythms It’s all very well done.
This song epitomizes what is best about Buckethead without a doubt.

It may seem that I am a fanboy of this man (and I admit it), but it is worth having half an hour of your attention, it will surprise you like surprises me every year.


I think what I love most about Tim Collis of TTNG is that when he’s playing these insane guitar parts that barely anyone on this planet can replicate he’s just always like




here i am playing guitar for popular math rock band, this town needs guns


it’s not so hard


it’s like whatever i guess idk i’m indifferent honestly

22 - Flux (2010)

22 is a
very unique band, starting with the name. They are from Norway and make a sound that sounds like a mixture of Messhugah with A-ha.

Yes, it’s a strange mix the both, but proven effective and that worked very well. Has pop melodies and vocals as A-ha with all the complexity, technical and strange harmonies ala Messhugah. This all with good pinches of new prog and glitter.

I wish we had more bands who dared more like 22. We would have much more original and awesome bands like them.



Some bands achieve the recognition they deserve and become essential to the development of a style (Faraquet), but others fall into oblivion and fail the opportunity to demonstrate their musicianship. This is the case of Akarso.
Why I compared them Faraquet band? Simple. They are known to have made ​​a split with the band Faraquet. And it was this split that I met the band.

Not much is known about them, only that it was a math rock band and they disbanded in 1999, leaving the bequeathing of 1 split with Faraquet, 1 ep and 1 single with the band Seven Days of Samara. 8 songs in total.

The band plays angular math rock with a much more aggressive sound and Screamo vocals. Sometimes closely resembles the Gospel band, only without all that power.

Anyway, it’s a shame that the band has not had a chance to continue their fine work. Perhaps had they made a debut album like Faraquet, they could be cited as being of paramount importance for the math rock like Faraquet. But what remains is just enjoy this awesome band.


Hey, this is a playthrough I recorded of my original song Right On, Larry! with the help of my friend Lief Olsen, who also played bass on this track. This song is chock-full of tapping, odd times, and pretty sounds, and I’d love for you to give it a listen!