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Do you have any links of the Mylets EP's? Dude is amazing

Sorry for the delay, but I think that is what you are looking for.

Iran Iran - Crystal Math

Hello there,

I’m Luke, I play guitar with Iran Iran. We’ve recently released a new EP and wondered if, having read your blog, you might be interested in having a listen and with any luck, perhaps reposting ;)


All the best,

Luke/Iran Iran

Big Bad Buffalo Debut Album Release “American”

San Diego, CA – San Diego based 3-piece band Big Bad Buffalo is set to digitally release their debut full length album on April 1st, 2014. This 12-song record pulls influences from Faraquet’s “The View From This Tower”, Weezer’s “Pinkerton” and the classic San Diego 90’s alt sound.
Big Bad Buffalo has been gaining an enthusiastic fan base in their home town, in part, by opening for national touring acts like Joan of Arc, Into It. Over It., TWIABP, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, New Politics, 21 Pilots, Weatherbox and Caravels. “We’ve been fortunate enough to play with some of our favorite bands, and the feedback we have received from them has been great.” explained singer/guitarist Jordan Krimston. The
band has been the focus of numerous articles in the San Diego Reader and has received regular airplay on FM94/9’s local radio show.
The album, titled “American”, was recorded at Stereo Disguise Recording Laboratories by Brad Lee (Album Leaf, Mr Tube and the Flying Objects) and mastered at Singing Serpent Studios by Rafter Santos-Roberts. “This project has been a year in the making and we are stoked to finally have a finished product.” added Krimston. The band is rounded out by Alex Staninger (drums) and Silvio Damone (bass/vocals).

You can now download the album here:


Hope you enjoy!

Gospel - As Far As You Can Throw Me

That’s how a song sounds when you have Superman on drums. The drums is something from another galaxy, but the whole band is epic.

Snatch The Snail - The Snail Collection Vol.1 out now on Little League Records! 

Snatch The Snail is a Math Rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

On this new compilation of previous works Snatch The Snail bring an onslaught of beautifully chaotic polyrhythmic attacks of booming drums, coupled with lushly orchestrated guitar pieces and ethereal textures. 

For fans of artists such as Hella, Monster Machismo and Tera Melos.

Available for free download and on tape here:


I also have a second record out at:

Hope you like it…..

American Football unreleased live track “The 7’s”. This was recorded at The Blind Pig in Champaign, IL in 1997 and was the first song they wrote together. It’s featured on the upcoming deluxe reissue (out 5/20).