Blakfish - See You In Another City (2008)


is one of the bands trying to make a unique sound to stand out in a genre so hard and well as the Math Rock.

The presence of
Math Rock is clear, but the Post-Hardocre is strong in their songs with screaming vocals and quite aggressive, followed by an aggressive sound and sometimes also show a more melodic side, more pop in the middle of his songs.... all while Math Rock side, making Blakfish be a unique band in the genre.

describe themselves as a band of “Death Pop" by the sound they make. And to call it a band of Mathcore, something more heavy and aggressive Math Rock.

maybe it’s the influence of all: Math Rock, Indie Pop, Post-Hardcore and even Mathcore …. or more labels that it is a band that can not fail to listen, is very good and it will blow everyone’s ears =D